Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creation Myth #1

Before the time of tarantulas the Gila monsters lived in the trees and told stories the heart a drum of effort the world a place of no lines only water and the pools of hearts filled with pebbles stories woven with mud and reeds the hole of time a desert a parade of horses and silk worms.

Then scorpions traveled to the stars with bassinets for their babies and began the myths tempting Galileo with secession and tobacco ashes the world had never been the same the fog kept it all in its breast. Eternity had some rules.

The bird that talked to Spain rode a stallion that moved like ink keeping the eyes unfocused the heart was bleating and could not stop the paces were too marvelous for the halls of emperors who crumbled and caressed each loss in caves forgotten.

Colors began because before that they did not exist but now they were bursting in tapestry on the backs of fish and the whales were marginalized but a new world had begun. No one could argue.

Ships were the ticket to deserts to death to the dissolution of morphology where children came tumbling across the land like rainbows and completion was the enemy that could not be stopped in a nuclear sweating sleep the hours were now in the thumbs of beasts
the world held the hands of god and told him they were sorry for laughter at national anthems and Darwin.

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