Sunday, September 26, 2010

glacial decisions

a glacier
tucked under
a tongue
the expanse of
melt, lost
out of mouth corners

that was the saying,
the chewed gristle of ice,
rubble, and freshly formed

that was what you were
hearing, dripping
out of face and heart
and everywhere

the melt of making up
a mind
there gnawed or pawed
spat through that you might
see that flat awful
of white resolve


In this home of my body
there lies scarcity,
my chariot mouth
carries nothing profound
when it wishes to say

Monday, September 20, 2010

How One Must Treat Skin

the skin in the beds
how it severs
how it bends away
to reveal the temperature
of the mistake

it is something
to tear holes in,
what was gray
now opera pink

I am rushed
and have no wisdom
but was taught early
to appreciate a sketch

and fraught with color
the peel
of each new sky
is tugged away
is bent away